At this point, we should actually write a lot about the excellent quality of our hand tools. Instead, we prefer to let the quality of our products speak for itself, because for us the concept of quality is much broader than just producing first-class products.

For us, the way is the goal. Just as important as the high quality of our products is the way we achieve it. In doing so, we build on the three pillars of social, ecological and economic competence. For this reason, we implement the principles of the continuous improvement process on a daily basis.

With the VDE certification of our products, we oblige ourselves to the strict requirements of the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE). With the VDE mark on our products, we guarantee the best quality, craftsmanship and tested safety. The standards used in VDE testing, go beyond the application of the Product Safety Act and any European directives on safety and quality. With us you are always on the safe side.