The year 1960 can certainly be described as a year of important events. While Egyptian Prime Minister Gamal A. Nasser officially starts construction work on the Aswan Dam, the rhesus monkey “Miss Sam” flies into space in a Mercury capsule. And while a Liverpool band called “The Beatles” is making its German debut in Hamburg, the Remscheid based grinder Artur Martin dares to take the leap into a still uncertain professional independence.

By trading a tape recorder for a bench grinder, 24-year-old Artur Martin left the then-popular wild sounds of jazz and rock and roll in favor of the steady hum of the grinding wheel. With the proper acquisition of a trade license for two Deutschmarks, Artur Martin then laid the foundation for the successful professional future of the family. By the way, you can still admire the historic bench grinder in our company today.

When the company was founded, Artur Martin e.K. was a pure contract grinding shop. The work was done in a dark cottage in Remscheid – Tyrol. The “Schlieperbude” on the Lohbach-creek was heated with caol from an open tar barrel. Dirt, sanding dust and soot shaped the lives of Artur Martin and his wife over the next few years. After having to move to Wuppertal and then to Lütterkusen, the company found its permanent and still current headquarters in the heart of Remscheid in 1965.

In 1967 the core business changed and specialization in the production of high-quality pliers and special hand tools began. Today our products are valued all over the world for their long service life, high quality, craftsmanship and safety.